What is Love, Nafi?


What Is Love, Nafi?

Well first off its hard to explain Nafi. And even more true, it’s hard to explain love.

I mean the name “Love Nafi” came to me in such a shallow way. It just sounded fly. I was young, in college, and thought it was cute. But seriously after a while I started to think about it.

When I think about Love Nafi- I think about “loving nafi”- you know loving myself.

But often times I think about the most classical sense of the term. 



Essentially, I think about loving others. Whether I am thinking about loving myself or loving others, eventually I start to think about how difficult they both really are. You can act like loving is easy- but it’s not.


Let’s first start by examining something called ego. . . .

You act with a cover because you don’t want others to see your imperfections. You’re constantly thinking about living so free in a world that is all about you. You’re always too good and have to put yourself first. If it weren’t for ego, we would all be humble (word to Kendrick). But a universally humble world is ironic chaos. So with that big ego in the background, it’s really hard for people to love. From loving that homeless man on the street to your closest relative- loving can be just as easy or just as hard. Not to mention that all people lie, steal, cheat, hate, etc. Regardless, know that loving others is about suspending the ego no matter what.


Now let’s get back to how to love thyself. How do I love nafi?

Everyone likes to ACT like it’s so easy to love themselves. But loving oneself is just as hard as loving others. It takes a lot for people to break bad habits. We do horrible things to ourselves and make horrible decisions all the time. We make choices out of the spirit of fun, Y.O.L.O., bad and bougie, mask off, and whatever else motivates us in those moments. Loving yourself means staying away from things you know are bad for you and always picking the best choice. This is not a glamorous or romantic love, but it is the truth- which is why it is so difficult to do.

Well what if you don’t always know what the best choice is for yourself?

Well that’s part of growing up. My fellow millennials, it is not easy.  

You can act like life is about living with no regrets. You can act like its living in a perfect religion. You can act like it’s about living up to the standard, doing exactly what your parents taught you, getting money, being wild and free, living like your peers, getting lit every day, studying until your brains fall out, fleeing the demorgorgon, or act like its doing absolutely anything you want.


It doesn’t matter because it all will never fully make sense. But one thing is for certain. Loving yourself is as simple as taking the time to learn what is best for you. And in order to succeed in that, you must first understand how imperfect you are. So take the time to reflect and figure it out. And I’ll start and finish by saying that Love Nafi is an imperfect human being.