10 Reasons Why You're Not Getting Fit


I am talking about you- yes you!

Raise your hand if you guilty of not seeing results? 

 Below are some candid realizations from a fit, focused, and finessed coach.  

Here are some reasons why:

1.        You don’t have a workout goal. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. Tummy teas and herbal life may be a great solution for some, but in general fitness shouldn’t be a quick fix or gimmick. It’s about constantly setting goals for yourself and ascending in life. I always reach my next level in fitness when I set a goal. If you are trying too many things out and it’s not working, then it may be the time to just keep it simple. 

2.           You’re not consistent. Like duh- discipline is key. Pay attention to how much your training each muscle group? You want toned legs but only activate them once a week. Building the body you want takes a lot of repetition and persistence. If you you’re not getting what you want, take a deep look inside your soul and have an honest conversation with yourself. Are you being consistent? The answer is most likely “No”.

3.           You don’t eat right for your body type or goals. You want to build muscle but only eat one to two meals a day. You want to lose fat but still eating out every day. I’ve heard it all. You have to be the change you want to see. 

4.           You don’t have basic healthy lifestyle skills- Like sleeping, drinking water, and a positive energy and spirit. God don’t like ugly. 

5.            Your work out is dry. And you are doing the same workout routine every week. If you’re not seeing results then you need to change your plan. Old habits don’t bring new results. Make it a priority to avoid plateaus. 


6.             You’re work out is not lit- as in your not sweating during your workouts. You should always be sweating.

7.             You are not working out with people who are challenging you. I mean who doesn’t love to shake their ass? But if you’re having more fun in Zumba than actual discomfort you may need to change the class. Your workouts have to scare you a little bit so you can grow. Get a workout partner than will get you right and hold you accountable. 

8.             You’re fitness plan is not sustainable. A cleanse is a cleanse and just that. If you don’t plan on being vegan and eating green smoothies forever don’t think 1 week or 1 month of doing it will make you eternally fit. Strive to find lifelong balance to be truly successful in your fitness journey. 

9.             You’re making too many damn excuses. The winners have already completed the race by the time you finished listing your excuses. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Life will happen, and staying focused on your fitness will always be a choice. Just do it. Just make it work. 

10.          You’re afraid! You avoid certain muscle groups because you want don’t want to look this or that way. People will say this or that. What matters is what you want for your own body.  The power is in your hands to achieve the body goal you want. Fear is a natural requirement of achieving a new level in life. Instead of focusing on the haters, focus on being a well-rounded athlete. Don’t be that guy in the gym with the chicken legs. Train and be a beast at everything! 



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