Black Panther SparkNotes

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I take it everyone has seen Black Panther by now. Wakanda forever! So the saying goes. Black love across the globe was such an amazing thing to have witnessed. But with 1 billion in revenue worldwide, are we really getting the point?

Like life itself, everything is temporary. And as the momentum subsides, I can't help but wonder about the real state of African American exchange.  If your high school and college professors were anything like mine own, you know you have to analyze more than one theme in your English essay in order to get that A+. Because yes the costumes are cool, but there are also a lot of hidden gems in that movie that I pray people are not missing! I won’t share any scenarios or names for the stragglers who haven’t seen it yet. But let’s recap some of the important themes in Black Panther. And hopefully some precious pearls for the future. 

Imperialism- is an ever continuing force to be reckoned with. If you think not, go research what the Chinese are doing on the African continent and in the caribbean. 

The time for African -American Exchange is now. But there is still some resistance even from millennial Africans and African -Americans. We need to find strength in each other’s struggle. So much effort is put into attaining foreign luxuries and putting foot on foreign places. But in reality we are still foreign to ourselves. With Afrobeat music, Afro puffs, and African fashion making waves, a new afro cool is on the rise. Both sides of the Atlantic need to be apart of it. 

Outsiders vs Insiders- Do we help each other and share resources or keep security and stability of our countries to ourselves? Sharing can be caring, but it can also be a huge risk. Their are pros and cons to both foreign policy approaches. I hope a potential sequel to this movie addresses this. 

Afro futurism is real. So don’t get it twisted. I hope by now the rest of the world can see that we don’t walk around with zebras and monkeys- needing 25 cents a day. I hope that mentality has expired with Black Panther. The movie gave breath to a lurking reality. Africa is not a perfect place, but which place is? Go visit and make your own assessment. Go visit to see what you can offer or obtain. 

Greed and Power ALWAYS gets in the way. Corruption will always be the weight dragging Africa behind. It is a distraction from advancement and modernization. I know that generations before us have given us wisdom. I mean after God, the ancestors are the plug. But does reliance on their ways hold African people back? It’s a battle of culture vs justice, a war that is always very hard to settle. 

The power of the African woman is unparalleled. But clearly we have people still trying to cease education from our women- because it leads to their empowerment. The atrocities of Boko Haram is a real thing- tactically depicted in the movie for a reason. We need to protect our black women. They are one of the most valuable resources in the diaspora. One time for that all women army! 

Black is beautiful. Without one track, acrylic nail, or eyelash. Black beauty is enough. The movie effortlessly displays this. 

Michael B Jordan has been my celebrity crush since forever. Low key since the Wire. And I know a lot of African Americans identify with him. But was he bitter or progressive? It’s hard to really be both in one sentence. Whatever he was- I think we have to heal the negativity before we can advance. But something about his role was so raw and real. I think viewers gravitate towards him, because in some ways they want to help him overcome his internal strife. 

Whether it’s one of the divine 9 you claim, or you're ready to roll call for your tribe- Brotherhood and sisterhood are integral to African experience. We all have something to offer.

Black panther got everybody in love with black people. And Love is always the first step. And Black Panther has definitely inspired. But how will you be the change? 

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