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Thick Fit [THik] [fit]


1.     thick thighs, booty popping, slim waist, and a little muscle definition

2.     i.e. Angela Basset, Ashanti, Janet Jackson

DISCLAIMER: Please understand that I am a work in progress! There is no prototype. Don’t get me wrong I love my body where it is now, and you should love yours too no matter which fitness stage you’re in. However, you may be taking all the wrong steps to get the shape you really want.  My goal is to help you become an expert of your own body. Whether you hibernated this winter or spent time grinding in the gym, here are a few essential tips to help take your body to the next level.




1)    Don’t Skip Your Meals: Ever heard the saying “She ain’t missing no meals?” Yes, because in order to build a thick body you need building blocks involving all macronutrients- fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Starving yourself won’t get you anywhere, but put your body in starvation mode. This not only means you hold on to energy stores, but your body releases stress hormones, which results in more fat storage mechanisms. Skipping meals also slows down your metabolism. Just like anything in life, if you want to be a successful metabolizer you need repetition. You have to get used to eating small frequent meals. But always remember, you are what you eat!


2)    Avoid Being a Cardio Bunny: You know there is always that one person in the gym drenched in sweat, spending hours on the treadmill or elliptical. And while some people get an actual high (endorphin release) with cardio, your booty will not stay high with any steady state exercises. As a better alternative, invest in more plyometrics (lots and lots of jumping and burst exercises), HIIT (high intensity interval training), or drill-based strength and conditioning workouts. We all know that repeatedly going from 0mph to 100mph in your car, will surely burn more gas than staying put to the speed limit. If you can’t resist it, then just remember to switch it up and challenge yourself. I recommend the app called Aaptiv. On a personal note, I actually saw the best changes in my body when I took a break from so much cardio and focused on my next step which is . . lifting.


3)    The “fit” part in thick-fit comes from lifting weights. Don’t be afraid that you will build “masculine” features. I was extremely guilty of this, until I saw how the changes in my body actually made me feel more feminine. Lifting 9 times out of 10 will only accentuate your curves. But remember, consistency is key. You will not build that body overnight, but you can definitely see results even with only 2-3 weeks of lifting. 

4)    Understand your metabolism. Everyone has that friend that can eat 3 jumbo pizza slices with fries, and fried chicken and not even have a belly pouch. I on the other hand, eat one slice of bread and become pregnant! We were all made a little different and have unique genetics. If you metabolize fast, it may be difficult for you to keep on the thick. If you are the opposite, it may be a little difficult to shred the fat from those trouble areas. All this means is you have target where you will need to work harder. Don’t be discouraged, you usually will find a very desirable happy medium. And depending on where you are in your journey, your goals may change. 


5)    Remember that every person’s body is different. You have to know your body and what works best for you. If you are not seeing the results you want, take a second re-group and go back to the drawing board. After all, that is what life is about. In order to see the changes you want, you have to be the change- you have to do something different!