Sultry with an intellectual edge, Love Nafi is a true afropolitan with a mission to change the way our generation views the world. Born in Washington D.C. and raised in Maryland with strong foundation in her Nigerian roots, Nafi grew up knowing she wanted to be a unique voice in the community. She is an honors scholar and graduate of New York University, where she received her B.A. in Youth development and Performing arts at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study. She began her career serving underprivileged populations in DC, NYC, and Baltimore as an arts mentor and health educator. Her notable endeavors include developing educational initiatives at Riker’s Island Jail Academy and researching content for the esteemed textbook, Theatre for Change.

For Love Nafi performance is second nature. She was a principle dancer and choreographer for the Dancers Choreographer’s Alliance at NYU, and was also featured in a music video by DC’s own hip hop artist and world renown youth activist, Asheru. Nafi has also held featured roles in productions of For Colored Girls, Vagina Monologues, and Absolutely Posi+ive, a regional tour sponsored by the Tom Joyner Foundation and the CDC. In 2015, she garnered her own productive force to create an original web series, The Living Room, which was visible to over 400,000 viewers on Verizon, RCN and Comcast networks, and home to a website portal of over 100,000 online streams. This endeavor eventually earned her an award for “New Member of the Year” from the Public Access Corporation of the District of Colombia. She has also written for various media publications such as Blavity, Ark Republic, Black Bride, and Radiant Health Magazine.

With time, she honed her desire to promote health and wellness and completed doctoral training at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Love Nafi is a board certified family physician, NPC figure bodybuilder & champion, and specialist in complementary and integrative medicine. She has also pioneered her own health and lifestyle brand, FIT.FOCUS.FINESSE (FFF). FFF is a program designed to help women achieve mastery of their own body aesthetic, and also the title of her self-produced fitness docu-series. Currently, Love Nafi continues to produce unique multimedia content that draws inspiration from health, wellness, art, and contemporary Pan- African ideology.